Stranger's handbook 155

I really missed oyasumi's site this last chapter :'(. It's harder to find specific events in a pdf (at least for me). anyway here's the chapter.

Lately nothing has happened for me to rant about, just a bunch of small events over the last weeks; I went to a distant relative's party, nothing special, but fun nontheless, I spent about 40 bucks in steam summer offers, I played with my new games, and that's about it. My country already lost in FIFA world's cup (México) so I don't really care about it anymore. There were also the elctions for president in my country, and for me that was 20 mins spent in the act of voting and a week of memes about the results, and that's about it. Maybe the biggest thing was that I realized that Ibutcher together American and English while writing without even noticing (I learnt both at the same time in the same classes so it's really hard for me to remember which is which)

Have a nice week, hopefully now that I finished reading the last chinese novel with 500+ chapters in my reading list I will spend a bit more time in TL'ing.


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