Stranger's handbook 156

Yo, sorry for the delay. RL is a "beach", and made me depressed for a while so I needed to reset my mind. Anyway I don't really want to talk about it so...


I swear my links don't harbor any hidden malware (at least to my knowledge), so just search for the advanced option of continue to the site, otherwise search or the hidden link in every one of my entries, anyways I refuse to give my slow-ass mediocre TL for free :p

Stranger's handbook 155

I really missed oyasumi's site this last chapter :'(. It's harder to find specific events in a pdf (at least for me). anyway here's the chapter.

Lately nothing has happened for me to rant about, just a bunch of small events over the last weeks; I went to a distant relative's party, nothing special, but fun nontheless, I spent about 40 bucks in steam summer offers, I played with my new games, and that's about it. My country already lost in FIFA world's cup (México) so I don't really care about it anymore. There were also the elctions for president in my country, and for me that was 20 mins spent in the act of voting and a week of memes about the results, and that's about it. Maybe the biggest thing was that I realized that Ibutcher together American and English while writing without even noticing (I learnt both at the same time in the same classes so it's really hard for me to remember which is which)

Have a nice week, hopefully now that I finish…

Stranger's handbook 154

Yay I'm back with a chapter!! First the important matter, does anyone have for any reason a backup for chapters 73~146 now that oyasumi premium wordpress is no more? If not then those will be a blank space for quite a while since I will focus my TL on cunrrent chapters.
Anyway chapter is this way

Now that iv'e finally escaped from the hellish grasp of RL and that iv'e finally caught up with the majority of piled up unread chapters from NU at last have time to translate so I can keep this thing running for the next couple of months at least (after that I can just hope that my soul won't be stolen by college) I really hope that someone stored those chapter so that this novel can still get new readers. I'm felling a bit under the weather so I'll stop my rant here. Have a nice week everyone.

Stranger's handbook 153

Yo guys! You got lucky, I wasn't planning to release this one until tomorrow, but the last part was soo good that I just couldn't stop, so here you go, enjoy!

Sorry for the delay, this last week I got absorbed reading Dungeon Defense, good novel, if you haven't read it yet, and you like dark stories I reccomend this one. Though if you easily get absorbed in good stories like I do, first make sure you've got the time :p. Now that these two things are out of the way, I hope I at last manage to sleep before sunrise. Every time I finish a chapter, I fell like currygom turned into whitegom (those that are familiar with Kubera manhwa might understand) this wouldn't happen if I got my shit together, and made a schedule for myself, but if I was like that, I wouldn't be mtl'ing anyway, so.... yeah. Well enough ranting for now, now I can collapse for the weekend, and maybe be able to feel refreshed when I wake up at last. see ya all next week (or so).

Stranger's handbook 152

Here we are once more. Right now I'm happy since my main project (it's actually not this one, figures) has become known, and has readers (barely though). It's a pain in the ass that there's no convenient novelupdates-like website for spanish wn/ln.
Enough of that here's your chapter

If you didn't already know, there's actually a direct link in almost every chapter post I do (except for 148) even if I don't write about it. I'm in such a good mood about my main getting some light that I might as well say it :p (not that I will post the direct link as the main one anyways :p). Most of the time is well enough hidden that it is faster to just click on the adfly, but it is still there since it's kind of fun for me. I really don't have any ideas on what to write about, I can just think about how I saw no game no life zero in the weekend, it is a good movie, I'm not a big fanboy so that's the only thing I have to say about it...
Well c y'…

Stranger's handbook 151

Whew, at last this one is out, man it was really hard to fin motivation to translate this last week: Don't you guys know of someone who I can dump this project so I can just enjoy reading it? ~(*w*)~
anyway you aren't here for reading me whine (I think), so here you go: chapter 151

And for those that for some reason like to see me whine... well too bad because even in my rant there's not much to whine about. I went to see my deceased cousin last weekend, since it's been one year since he died, nice gathering if one didn't think the reason we were together. I'm not sure what to think of the priest that gave the mass since I'm barely religious, but dude, he's so charisamtic that it made me think that if he wasn't the anti-christ (a theme touched in the mass), the anti cChrist at least would have a personality akin to his. I'm not sure how others see it, but I think one shouln't advertise and sell his books on a private mass, but hey i guess th…